NYC’s Treasure Island

I’ve called Roosevelt Island home for the past four and a half years. It’s been named everything from Minnahanonck by the Native Americans to Hog Island by the Dutch and then Blackwell’s Island and Welfare Island before the renaming in 1971, honoring President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Perhaps a more appropriate name would be Treasure Island. A somewhat mysterious, quirky Manhattan... Continue Reading →


Shortly after moving to New York City, I had the honor of meeting Maya Angelou. Unlike the random glimpses of celeb elite on crowded streets or in dark corners of restaurants, a simple author event turned into a powerful life lesson. It happened on the cusp of a losing battle with the New York public... Continue Reading →

Chinua Achebe: Let there be Light

When I was 35 I left a career and started college for the first time. Surrounded by 18 year olds, I worked hard to find my place in the most unordinary circumstances. It wasn’t always easy, and I wasn’t always happy. Yet the more I learned, the less all that mattered. I’d loved literature and... Continue Reading →

The Art of Reading

 We started thinking, what would the world be like without physical books. And how would we want to keep those pieces of the physical reading experience alive. ~Todd Lawton, Out of Print The year was 1984. Second graders Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc met for the first time and became fast friends, sharing many common... Continue Reading →

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