A Brooklyn Retrospective

From a young age, Jerry Castaldo fell in and out of bad behavior, trying relentlessly to break away from the violence and bad influences in his life. In Brooklyn NY: A Grim Retrospective, Castaldo proves that our situations do not define us. Raw and honest, Castaldo's story doesn't hold back. Scattered with celebrity and influential New Yorker encounters, readers applaud... Continue Reading →


A Writer, The Big Apple and the Great Escape

By: Guest Writer Natasha Guadalupe “The best place to write is in your head”, Ernest Hemingway succinctly once said.  As a writer living in New York City it’s a concept you practice by force. Between the 400 square foot one bedroom apartments, if you’re lucky, multiple roommates, overcrowded trains, overpriced restaurants; full-time jobs or many small ones;... Continue Reading →

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