Give it away now–your time, money and/or support.  Here’s a few Causes to believe in.

Home Away From Home

Ronald McDonald House New York provides intimate tours in an effort to show how their donations help families, like Ben Brewer’s, battling pediatric cancer. “New York City has some of the most creative donors and volunteers around,” says Director of Communications, Natalie Greaves.

WHAT THEY’RE ABOUT Ronald McDonald House New York provides a temporary home-away-from-home for pediatric cancer patients and their families. It is the largest facility of its type in the world.

WHAT TO GIVE “Believe it or not, families have been donating birthday and bar/bat mitzvah money for the more than 30 years that we’ve been in existence,” says Greaves. You also can use the House “wish list” to ask for specific in-kind donations.  

WHAT IT TEACHES YOUR KIDS Because of the impact of their donations and their time spent touring the House, families tend to build upon the experience by organizing new service projects. “Families feel a collective sense of pride and fulfillment,” says Greaves. “We’ve seen some of these kids go on to start new projects at school where they engage their classmates, and from there you’re seeing future leaders in action.”

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You can read more on my piece for New York Family Magazine which also spotlights Charity Water and Baby Buggy.

Non-Profit Rock Stars

Once people spot the tent, black and white etched with the words, in trademark font, To Write Love on Her Arms, staff and interns find themselves surrounded like rock stars at a sold out concert. And to many they are rock stars. What began as personal and tragic, a story of a young girl struggling with drug addiction, unable to get the help she needed, morphed into this epic tale shared by people from all over the world. And the conversation ignited. To Write Love on Her Arms offered people this unspoken permission to talk openly and honestly about taboo subjects like depression, mental illness, addiction, cutting, and suicide.
This year at the 3rd Annual Out of the Darkness Walk in Orlando, the TWLOHA team joined AFSP Central Florida by walking, sponsoring a booth, and presenting a generous donation. Throughout the morning, the members of the TWLOHA team could be spotted easily in part because of their black and white tees and hoodies adorned with the TWLOHA logo. But also these young men and women stood out among the crowds because of their attitudes, vibrant but gentle, youthful but wise, a subtle spark of compassion. And just as any good rock star leaves you craving more, TWLOHA had people intrigued, asking questions, interested in learning their mission. And so the walk is done for the year, the event wrapped up, the field empty, but the faint hint of an encore remains as the conversation has just begun.

Read more about TWLOHA and the team behind the scenes in my 2010 interview with team leader Lindsay Dick Kolsch. To learn more about TWLOHA, visit their website at and check out their Facebook & Twitter Pages.