Total Ellipse of the Heart

The elliptical machine and I have a complicated relationship. Days go by without so much as a passing glance between the two of us. And when we do “share a moment,” it’s hard to gauge how things will end up at the end of the date. I want to love it, but I’m afraid of... Continue Reading →


7 Ways To Find Yourself After Losing Your Job

Layoffs, poor economy, budget cuts . . . words that look less intimidating when we see them in the news but show their brutality once they belong to you. We moved to New York because of an incredible job opportunity for my husband, and now, several years later, the job no longer exists. Days turn... Continue Reading →

Follow Your Bliss

A planned trip around the world morphed into a life-changing journey from chaotic New York City living to a humble tent in Maui. Me-Shell Mijangos reignited her passion for yoga, surf and the outdoors which ultimately led to the discovery of a reinvented life centered in bliss. Realigning her priorities in a way most of... Continue Reading →

The Last Oorah

A glass of red Hungarian wine, a heated conversation on letting myself go, and an unbelievably sweet Groupon deal featuring a friend’s fitness studio led me down the road to fitness boot camp. Standing along the East River, surrounded by a large group of twenty-somethings dressed in the latest lululemon athletic wear, I hold my... Continue Reading →

The Best Travel Moments

Guest Blogger Amy Richmond Ever since my parents took me on a plane to Disneyland when I was in the first grade--in the days when air travel was restricted primarily to businessmen in suits--I've been hooked. Our family took two big trips a year: one by air in the winter and a road trip in the... Continue Reading →

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