IMG00425-20110716-1732_Cartoonizer_2Trapped somewhere between mid-life crisis and menopause . . . writer and social media professional, wife and mother, I’m in the depths of discovering my Life of Riley, aka the good life. And no one ever said the road to the good life was easy, but I’m undeterred, working my way down the long and winding path, one story at a time. I write about my life in New York City. Sometimes I discuss the intimate details like career woes or learning to let go of my daughter as she builds her own life and leaves the nest. Other times I share information and research about life in the city and cool things I uncover every day. I share travel experiences, both near and far. I include humor and raw emotion, speaking directly to you, dear reader, as we walk along this journey together. It’s a small world. I witness this more every day. Most certainly we have walked miles upon miles in the same weathered shoes. What is the meaning of a true journey without a little camaraderie. I hope you enjoy this space. Thanks for reading.

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