Random Acts of Tourism

Rhode Island may be small, but I always discover new things when visiting. Last year, while hanging out in Narragansett, Bill and I decided to explore a new bike trail, the William C. O’Neill South County Bike Path. Under the Route 1 overpass off MacArthur Boulevard in Wakefield, we slowed as we approached a tunnel decorated with artists and vibrant concrete tapestries. This artistic space, deemed Graffiti Tunnel, was created by and for graffiti artists to legally share their work with the world. It’s impossible not to stop and take it all in, and that’s just what every person walking or riding did. The artists offered insight about the tunnel’s history and the projects they were working on. Great energy. Exactly what you’d expect at any artistic exhibition. If you’re interested in biking the trail and checking out the tunnel, visit RhodeIsland.gov for more information.


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