by Barry Fidnick

Each and every day it is amazing to count the shear number of signs that we encounter with every step, on every block, in every aspect of our lives. I encountered these signs in and around Tribeca within a few short hours.  Most often the signs themselves were not remarkable, but upon a closer look, many became thought provoking.

Sign A. Burger & BathroomSome signs are so very similar, yet so extremely different.

Sign B. High & Low Some signs are hung so high they are easily missed and some signs are placed so low they are easily missed as well.

Sign C Past & PresentSome signs are a sign of the past and some signs are a sign of the times.

Sign D. Too Many Words & SignsSome signs have too many words and some places have too many signs.

Sign E. Odeon Standing NoticedSome signs can’t help but be noticed and some signs are just simply ignored.

Sign-F. Hava a nice day copySome signs need no explanation.

This photo essay originally appeared in The Tribeca Citizen, July 2010.