Changing Course

by Guest Blogger Tracy Kaler

I went to work for the last time today. My final commute to New Jersey–I am certainly happy about that. What will I do tomorrow? That is the question.It’s never easy changing routine, even if it’s welcome change. But I do have an agenda.I will go to Alvin Ailey for my dance class.
I will spend time with my dog and cat.
I will buy an iPhone—finally.
And I will write–something.
God-willing, I will continue to write and I will not look back.
And I will probably watch “The View”.What will I miss? People and a paycheck.
But I will focus on the positive. I still live in the greatest city in the world, and the possibilities are endless.The future is my own.
Tracy Kaler is a columnist/freelancer for, a contributing editor for The West Side Rag, and writes for small businesses. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Mike, a neurotic Chocolate Lab, Bogey, and a food-obsessed cat, Mimi.  Tracy’s also working on her first book. You can read more about Tracy’s New York adventures on her blog Tracy’s New York Life.

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