Some KIND of Wonderful

Tiffani Thiessen at Little Sisters of the Assumption

Families at Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSA) in East Harlem received a special act of kindness this past Friday when Baby Buggy, KIND, and actress and mom Tiffani Thiessen delivered diapers and other essentials. A Baby Buggy partner since 2004, LSA has been providing family health services for more than fifty years.

“What we love about LSA is their focus on the holistic health of the family,” says Baby Buggy Executive Director, Katherine Snider. Working diligently with a network of community-based organizations, Baby Buggy distributes new and gently used essentials, providing for families throughout the United States. Founded in 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld, the nonprofit has donated more than 5.4 million items to families in need. Partnering with KIND became an important way to incorporate the Baby Buggy motto: Love. Recycled. This initiative was a simple reminder to do a kind thing and give back.

As part of the KINDMovement, thousands of New Yorkers accepted Tiffani’s challenge to do the KIND thing in support of Baby Buggy. “The website response, people wanting to do kind things, was overwhelming,” says Thiessen. “It’s nice to know that maybe the world is moving in a better direction and people really are wanting to be a little kinder in our communities.”

Each month KIND challenges and encourages people to do random acts of kindness. If enough people participate, KIND offers its own act with a little help from friends, partners like Baby Buggy.

“They have this initiative once a month, and we thought for Baby Buggy the most perfect fit was doing a KIND thing for a parent in need, because that was the genesis of Baby Buggy,” says Snider. As a nonprofit, Baby Buggy is extremely careful about choosing organizations to partner with, and they immediately saw KIND’s messaging as spot on. And when they needed a spokesperson, or more precisely, a spokesmom, Tiffani, mom to two-year-old Harper and longtime friend of Baby Buggy, proved to be the perfect fit. “I know how hard it is to raise a kid and how expensive it is to raise a kid,” Thiessen says. “When you’re a mom, your perspective definitely changes. I’ve known about Baby Buggy for quite some time. So it was exciting to know when I was a mom that I could actually bring something to the table, and it’s been really nice to work with them. “


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