The new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises filming on the Queensboro Bridge this weekend. The upper level of the bridge closed Saturday, and it didn’t take long before the hovering black helicopter with the huge camera mounted on front captured the attention of Roosevelt Islanders.

In my building, we had a small gathering on the rooftop terrace for several hours as we watched scenes unfold, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Batmobile. Although the Batmobile never made an appearance, we watched a Caped Crusader (assuming stunt double here) climb to the very top of the bridge. And for more than thirty minutes we didn’t move, mesmerized by the dark cape flapping in the cool November wind.

7am this morning they were back at it. I hear that they’re wrapping it up around 8pm tonight. So as the sun starts to set and a yellow glow turns into the backdrop of the bridge, we’ll head up to the roof once again. Maybe we’ll see Ann Hathaway, Bale or even the Batmobile. I assure you if I do, I’ll update this post with a cool pic that captures the moment. If not, well, it was fun to be so close to the action and witness a little movie magic right here at home.