The Norm

Photo Courtesy of Carriage House

In my ongoing quest to find places around the city that feel like home, here’s a shoutout to the cool folks at The Carriage House, a great little Irish Pub, only a hop, skip, and jump away from the tram.

A place where everybody knows your name.

It’s what you want in a bar. What you deserve.

Look for the Irish flag flapping in the Midtown breeze, a neon green shamrock, and you’ve made it to The Carriage House, an unassuming neighborhood pub since 1992, complete with Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and oh yeah, plenty of ice cold stout.

Drop in once or twice more and the third time’s guaranteed a charm—a slight kiss on the cheek from the Irish bartender, a healthy handshake with the bouncer, and your favorite beverage Norm style.

Now you’re ready to settle in for the night. Whether you grab a spot at the bar or congregate at a table by the window, you’ll feel right at home.

And because this is your place, there’s no need to share, kick off your shoes (metaphorically, of course) and curl up in front of one of the eight flat screen TVs. Then name your poison—Rangers, Yankees, Jets. Need a little more action, challenge your mates in a friendly game of darts or pool, winner buys a round of Jameson shots.

Don’t forget late night Happy Hour Monday to Wednesday, nobody’s kickin’ you out until 4am. Why? Because you’re like family here.  And they’re always glad you came.



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