Maya Angelou: A Glorious Path

Maya & Jordan.jpg

Shortly after moving to New York City, I had the honor of meeting Maya Angelou. Unlike the random glimpses of celeb elite on crowded streets or in dark corners of restaurants, a simple author event turned into a powerful life lesson. It happened on the cusp of a losing battle with the New York public […]

S.N.A.P.: Signs Among Us

Sign A. Burger & Bathroom

by Barry Fidnick Each and every day it is amazing to count the shear number of signs that we encounter with every step, on every block, in every aspect of our lives. I encountered these signs in and around Tribeca within a few short hours.  Most often the signs themselves were not remarkable, but upon […]

A League of Their Own: ZogSports Plays It Forward

Originally posted on Life of Riley:
ZogSports on Roosevelt Island During the weekends, especially spring and summer, Roosevelt Island’s Fire Fighters Field, Octagon Field and Pony Field come to life courtesy of the Zoggers. Like a rare breed of exotic bird descending the fields in their colorful sneakers and occasional old-school knee-high socks, Zoggers congregate,…

7 Ways To Find Yourself After Losing Your Job

Finding Yourself

Layoffs, poor economy, budget cuts . . . words that look less intimidating when we see them in the news but show their brutality once they belong to you. We moved to New York because of an incredible job opportunity for my husband, and now, several years later, the job no longer exists. Days turn […]

A National Book Lovers Day Homage To Didion

We tell ourselves stories in order to live. ― Joan Didion What unpredictable things would you feel lost without . . . tangible items that most often have little value except to those who know the stories behind them? I recently asked friends this very question about “prized possessions.” Brief but beautiful, honest descriptions filled […]

Designing A Dynasty

Up on the Roof- JLD

The Season 7 premiere of Selling New York airs today at 11:00am EST and features my favorite NYC designer and dear friend, John Lyle. I’m proud to say that I helped the team and participated in this major project by shining a chair, but that’s as far as my decorating skills took me. Invited to […]

The Last Oorah

East River Pavillion

A glass of red Hungarian wine, a heated conversation on letting myself go, and an unbelievably sweet Groupon deal featuring a friend’s fitness studio led me down the road to fitness boot camp. Standing along the East River, surrounded by a large group of twenty-somethings dressed in the latest lululemon athletic wear, I hold my […]

Organic Success, The Holstee Way

holstee pic

To be honest, I don’t remember where or how I discovered The Holstee Manifesto. What I do remember is the way it opened my eyes, awakening me from a mid-life slumber. A simple declaration scattered with life altering statements: Do what you love. Travel Often. Share your passion. Stop overanalyzing. Life is short. Crafted on […]

Changing Course

Tracy's New York Life Pic

by Guest Blogger Tracy Kaler I went to work for the last time today. My final commute to New Jersey–I am certainly happy about that. What will I do tomorrow? That is the question.It’s never easy changing routine, even if it’s welcome change. But I do have an agenda.I will go to Alvin Ailey for my dance […]

The Flavor of Portugal: Alfama Restaurant

interviews 025

An authentic piece of Portugal shines right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan near the corner of East 52nd and 3rd Avenue. After spending a decade in the trendy West Village, Alfama, named for the oldest district of Lisbon, has relocated and settled comfortably into Midtown East, recreating a unique dining experience, which offers the best of […]


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