Splendor of Life in Long Island City: Blue Streak Wines


stirs the Spring, joy grows like a plant, 
walls, boulders, fall
 abysses close up,
 song is born.
 Oh, thou, jug of wine, in the desert with the delightful woman I love, said the old poet. Let the pitcher of wine add its kiss to the kiss of love. —Ode To Wine, Pablo Neruda Wine, […]

A League of Their Own: ZogSports Plays It Forward

Zoggers on the Field

During the weekends, especially spring and summer, Roosevelt Island’s Fire Fighters Field, Octagon Field and Pony Field come to life courtesy of the Zoggers. Like a rare breed of exotic bird descending the fields in their colorful sneakers and occasional old-school knee-high socks, Zoggers congregate, strategize and ultimately play ball—be it kickball, dodgeball, football, or […]


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